Saturday, January 26, 2013

Day 26 - 01/26/13

Today our friends' daughter, Sarah, got married.  When her parents were married, her father sang to his bride.  Today he sang again and so did Sarah.  She made her way around the balcony, singing to her groom about loving him for a thousand years.  She descended the staircase as her father waited patiently at the bottom, ready to escort her down the aisle.  It was simply a beautiful service. Congratulations Sarah and Drew.  We wish you many blessings in your new life together.


Kathy said...

Wow! Talk about performing under pressure! What a beautiful bride she is. said...

What a unique and beautiful ceremony that must have been.

nance said...

bright and unique.

Cristina C said...

Interesting blog. Welcome to
:) Take care!

P.S. Congratulations!

Mari said...

Beautiful picture! It sounds like a wonderful wedding.

hootnonny said...


Marco Alpha said...

Hello Laura,
Very wonderful and romantic shot!!
So sweet to see this beautiful bride at the top of the stairs.
A great moment I think.

Many greetings,

Linda R said...

Well I bet that was a fun wedding and that bride is gorgeous.