Monday, December 10, 2012

Day 345 - 12/10/12

I'm not a fan of still-life (al la objet d'art) or "stuff" photography.  First, I'm not very good at indoor photography, so I'm jealous when I see others excel in that genre.  Second, it's stuff and not nearly as fascinating to me as God-made creations.  But sometimes you have to settle.  The Christmas season is very busy when you're involved with church work and there's little time between work and activities to find a fascinating outside sight.  Tonight I attended my Sunday School party where we played "Dirty Santa."  That's always so much fun.  I took a snow globe with frilly floating snow and beautiful music in the hopes that I would bring it home, but those ladies played dirty!  It was gone before I had a chance to snatch it.  Thankfully, I ended up with the second best item of the night, a Lenox glass angel with a battery-operated changing color light.  Yay!

Texture by Kim Klassen Cafe.


Annesta said...

Oh Laura, that is very, very beautiful. The still shot is nice too.

Juliana said...

so cool light!

Have a great week!

xoxo, Juliana | PJ’ Happies :) | PJ’ Ecoproject

'Tsuki said...

Un ange passe... Il faut faire toute la lumière sur ce silence d'or !

S. Etole said...

Such a pretty angel. I have a small angel collection that I enjoy throughout the year.

Shaun Gibbs said...

Thats a beautiful light, and im digging that textured overlay.

SKC said...

So pretty.